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nico f218a083c1
packages/libevent: update to 2.0.15
12 years ago
Xorg pwrtray: Disable xevrep for now. Doesn't seem to work on our Xlib. 12 years ago
admin [packages] pmacct: use VARIANTs, add sfacctd 12 years ago
devel [packages] binutils: move /usr/bin/strings to /bin/strings, avoids clash with busybox applet 12 years ago
ipv6 [packages] aiccu: fix bad path in stop as well 12 years ago
lang packages: add perl-net-telnet (closes: #10277) 12 years ago
libs packages/libevent: update to 2.0.15 12 years ago
mail [packages] msmtp: update to 1.4.24, remove unrecognized configure options 12 years ago
multimedia [packages] ushare: quote server name (#10322) 12 years ago
net packages/openswan: update to 2.6.37 12 years ago
skels nuke $Id$ in /packages as well 14 years ago
sound packages/listener: add a config file, fix config file handling 12 years ago
utils Remove obsolete 'retutahvo' utility 12 years ago
.gitignore [package] add a basic .gitignore file to ignore orig and rej files 12 years ago